Joyce Carol Oates Is On Twitter Now

by Ashley on November 19, 2012

Joyce Carol Oates is on twitter now and it is very confusing to me, because JCO is my academic and literary hero, and the image of her sitting at her desk in Princeton writing is the thing that pulls me away from the distraction of the internet to do the work of being a writer.  Now I’m supposed to picture her sitting at a computer writing tweets?  Well, I guess. And of course she’s good at it. You can follow her here.

JCO has a reputation for being prolific and even though I have read her published journals, I never could imagine that she sits at her desk half as distracted as I am when I’m writing.  When I wrote this this this this this this and this post, I always thought, “I bet JCO doesn’t sit at her desk worrying about something silly or waiting for a text from a boy.”1

I also kind of like that JCO is on twitter.  Somehow it makes all of this seem less silly.  I wrote the word “unfollow” in my journal not too long ago, and I was talking about something serious.2  Feelings in the modern age, you know?  Completely ridiculous.

I encountered this way earlier writing fiction.  It’s strange to include technology, because Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy didn’t have iPhones.  They might have been able to clear up all the issues of pride and prejudice much earlier if they had.  But, then again, probably not.  All the technology in the world and we still have a hard time understanding each other.

Joyce Carol Oates is on twitter now, so this must be a real thing we’re doing here.

  1. The second part is probably true, but I bet she spent some time waiting by a phone. []
  2. I used the tumblr-centric word “reblog” in a story a couple years ago and a non-internet friend looked at me like I was crazy. []

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